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In April I joined the organization that will raise a voice to stop human trafficing and I held a speech about this subject at NYU and shared my experince on starting the rescue center in Kenya and on how to be a young, independent women, with a Voice. Because being Norwegian and privilged we do have that. This is something many people do not have. (Read my previous blogs about this topic).



However, late May we did a photo shot to create some new social media content, which is the main channel we use to promote cases in Human Trafficking. Young people today are using social medial all day everyday and this is the way we want to reach out to them and interact with them. We believe that we can influence and make and impact for more people through this channel.


I am also invited by Hanna Kit, the leader of the organization to come with for a field trip to Ukraine. Which I have to do. I must go down and see it with my own eyes how this work.

Here is the result of the pictures we will use in the online campaigns!


Love, R

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