My first activity with Save The Children

As most of you already know, I am a volunteer with Save The Children Organization. We the volunteers, organize activities for the kids which take place every Sunday. We also get to decide which Sundays to join these activities since we all have other things going on. About three weeks ago, I had my first activity with some of the kids, and I must say we had a great time! 

We visited the Trampoline Park here in Trondheim called Rush. We were 9 (four volunteers and five kids) in total. We were at Rush for like two hours, but of course, the kids did not want to leave like always. For two of the kids, it was their first time (just like me). While for the rest, they have been there more than once. 

Image result for rush trampoline park

I managed to try almost everything, being that I had to keep an eye on a kid. For someone like me who never goes to the gym, it was a nice workout haha.  

Image result for rush trampolinepark sokker

It is required to buy these socks to jump in if you don't already have a pair. I think they are cool. 

Seeing those kids happy and having fun, was the highlight of my day. 


Thanks for stopping by xoxo. 


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