One month anniversary


Today it has been one month since the crowning happened in Oslo. I have been so busy this past month trying to plan everything out, work and travel. 

I am very happy to announce that I am traveling to Uganda first of October with some other amazing people to work with fistula. We need to unite to stop the problem of this natural and normal problem among the people around the world. No one should be abandoned or left out because of an health issue. We will work with this women and speak up for woman from all over the world. I am really excited about this, and I am looking forward to tell you more about it when we are getting closer to department. 

Other than this I have been travelling to Oslo to discuss and order some dresses before my journey to China. I will be working with great Norwegian brands and designers like Judy Hansen, and I think the dresses are going to be stunning and breathtaking, I really can not wait to see the rest of the dresses. 

I just sent in the documents for Miss World today, and I will be working with my contestant video the next few weeks, and I am soon leaving for Larvik to meet with Susanne (Miss Universe Norway) and Helene (1st runner up) for coaching lessons with Klara, as well as some lovely events and friendly chats. 

Thank you for your support and love everyone. 

Jeg skal være med i Miss Norway en gang til!
Påmelding Miss Norway 2019


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Påmelding for 2021

Påmelding til Miss Norway 2020 er avsluttet, og vi har nå satt igang påmelding til 2021. Vi har løpende uttak, og de som blir tatt ut får beskjed på e-post etter at finalen i 2020 er avholdt på sommeren.

Beste hilsener fra Helene Abildsnes, Miss Norway 2019

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