T-shirt making with Dryss!


Hello Everyone!

It has been such a beautiful day in Larvik today! After I finised work at the nursing home, I took to the boat right out to the island with my brother and friends! But now over to last nights' event.

So, we were supposed to actually do a designe your own t-shirt event on Monday, togethe with a customer night. But, due to bad weather (all of a sudden!) we needed to postpone the event. However, last night it was "nattbyen" in Larvik, which means that all stores are open until midnight, and there is a lot of fun things a promotions going on in the city center. So we decided to do the t-shirt station last night.

We wanted to put a mark on Dryss, and make it different by create something cool and unique that people remember. Which I really think we did! After working with Kathrine and the girls for a while, I really love the store and the envoirment so much. It is like we do have a little girl club here, and when the customer come, which are often local, they attend the girl club to and it create such a fun and energic experince. I think this is why so many people are coming back to Dryss, you feel taken in to the warm and its genuine. 

The local newspaper: Østlandsposten, showed up and wrote a cute article about the event and the happenings in the city center as well, read it here:



Here are some pictures from last night!






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