Update from Kenya!


Hello All!

A few days ago I really had the best afternoon in a long time. I got to FaceTime with all the lovely girls at Familia in Kenya. 

It was so good to see the girls again and that they are doing so good! I really have missed them a lot and think a lot about them. Now and then I get updates on how they are doing and so, but it’s actually very nice when we can talk in person an see them all.

The girls told me they had been studying a lot lately for their finals, and been working hard with their homework. That makes me very happy to hear! I also got to speak with Beatrice, which got taken in to the girls home a few months ago.

They are also so beautiful and kind and good hearted. I wish I could hug them all again. And hopefully I will be able too soon!❤️

All my thoughts goes to Kenya tonight,




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