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Me and my pageant sisters in Miss Norway are trying #meatlessmoday. I want you guys to join me, in order to save the environment and animals. 

I have been a vegetarian since 2014. Its not so hard and lets try this once a week and I will be sure you will be surpriced how good vegetarian food is! 

I am vegiterian mainly because of the animals but did you also know that by cutting meat just one day every week we can save animals, it will also have an effect on the environment and your health? 

Every week I will come with different facts and maybe some good recipe without meat. So I hope you all will stay tuned cause this is something I really care about! And it would be so fun if you guys also joined us and we all can make this a change for the better. 

 So lets try this challenge together 😀
Who is with us? Comment below!

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My instagram & tik tok: Vikktska

And if you will vote on my by text I really appreciate it.

SMS with: MISSU 14 to 1963. 

(Unfortunatly you can only vote with Norwegian sim card and its 20 NOK for one text, but you can vote as many times you like) 

Thanks for reading 

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