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On Thursday I had the honor to be invited to NYU, New York University to be part of the Hear.Speak.Free event that took place. So I just got on the first flight to from LA to New York. I couldn’t be more happy or proud to a part of this. Such a great time and people to work with- I have no words. Hanna and Elena you girls are amazing for have started this.


They invited me to be the international ambassador for their organization. They  wanted me to come talk about my charity projects I have been working on lately in Kenya and in my past. who I was and how we can use social media to be a voice for the one that does happen not have one. And how important my participation in Miss Norway is!


They were inspired by my participation in Miss Norway  2018 and how I wanted to use my position as an independent woman to speak for for the one who can’t.

I have had a lot of experience working with different charity project as well as my last three project in Kenya. I reflected up on how we could do the same I did there with  the hear speak free organization.


I felt honored and blessed to be invited to come speak at one of the worlds most recognized universities! Can you believe it?


Hear. speak. free, promote such an important topic in today’s world regarding human trafficking. This is a topic that I don’t think that many people is aware of happening every day we do believe this is something that only happens in the movies.However this is Big problem in In Ukraine and other Eastern European countries.  I was so shocked myself. And for me this is something that we really can stop! We can raise awareness around this and stop it. Especially we that live in Norway and US, where we have a system that gives us freedom and a voice. We can choose to use that position to help others - that is what I want to do.


By raising awareness we can stop this. Using social media can change a lot and it’s so little that needed to be done by each an one of us. By sharing a photo, update a status and start an idea we can actually change this. People are on their phone all the time, using social media, Instagram, Facebook, so we can use the time on our phones on something that actually matter. Scrolling up and down or phone and get influenced by everything  we see, we can choose to be a part of what we see. Heart.speak.free will do this and stop human trafficking- because if we talk about it and raise awareness. We will know that it is actually happening. It happens to way more people they you think. And by being a voice in the society. We can End and stop this. Everyday slavery shouldn’t be a thing in 2018.


Let me know if you wanna join our team.

Lets spread this word together!


Here is a link to their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/hearspeakfree/

IG: hear.speak.free





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