Shoot for SEVEN in LA


I am so lucky to have some amazing sponsors and partners. Together with SEVEN in Tonsberg we were able to create a super cool shoot at Venice Beach and by the Venice Canals to show some of the summer and spring clothes. I choose some of my favorites  and everything I wear you can buy online at  ( I do really recommend you to go in and take a look)

I find it so amazing that a store in my hometown and myself are able to work and create this in the US, with a photographer from Canada and show this on an international market. Something every cool about globalization. 

Here is some of the pictures from the shoot. You have probably seen some of them in my previous posts! 

I do really dream about LA again and summer when I see this.

Somehow I could not upload all the pictures in the blog post, but you will find them other my folder SEVEN.

Lots of Love,


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Thank you so much #teambecca!


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Påmelding for 2019 er i gang

Påmelding til Miss Norway 2019 er full gang etter at semifinaleuttaket for 2018-sesogen er gjennomført. Vi gleder oss til å se din påmelding. Det er lurt å følge med på årets deltakere for å danne et bilde av hva konkurransen går ut på.

Beste hilsener fra Kaja Caroline Kojan, Miss Norway 2017

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