The last preparations!


Good Evening All,

I can not believe the finale is right around the corner, is a mix of excitement and butterflies that fills my body these days, I guess it is normal. But I am head over heels happy with my work and participation towards this! 

The past and last days I am preapring the very last things, I am making sure everyhting is perfect and planned  as good as possible!

I had an issue last week with my dress, but thank god we fixed it in time and that I started prepare so early.

These days I have really focused on the estetics, I have made sure my clothes are as I want, which my sponsors are helping a lot with.

I got a beauty treatment today from VIP Beauty Lounge  with lashes, and nailpolish and facial just to feel better. I do believe every women feel and perform better when they take care of themselves and do feel good about themselves, it gives an extra shine and enegry! 

My neighboarhood and friends and even my friends in America is really making campagin now to promote me to the very last end. I feel blessed to log ino my Facebook and see that 30 people have shared my link or status and are sending me so much positive and nice feedback. It make my heart pop and I really appriciate it. This helps me to get motivated and to keep myself energized, positive and ready these dayss! I enjoy itso much.

My bestfriend is flying in from Paris tonight and another one tomorrow from Germany. I can not be more happy to have such an international crew joining me on Saturday!

Tomorrow I am off to meet with journalists and to do my hair, as well as practicing my coregraphy until my feets says stop!

Have a lovely night guys!





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24 Hours To Go!
Finaledagen nærmer seg


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