Amazing Headshot Shoot in New York

Hello All,

Finally I am back in New York after LA. It always feel so good to be here. I will really enjoy May here before heading for Norway this summer. A few weeks when I was here because of the event at NYU, I met so many amazing people and I got a whole styling team that wanna work with me, and we did a shoot to create some new head shoots. People stopped me at the street telling me I reminded them of Olivia Jordan. I don't know about that but I will take that as a compliment.

Here is some of my favorite shoots. I will load up more pictures to the album here on this page, as well as on my Facebook page and instagram.

Here is a link to the FB page:



Also: If you havent done it yet, I would love a vote from you. Send Missu 6 til 1963, tjenesten koster 20 kr!




Veien til et sunt og fint hår


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Påmelding for 2021

Påmelding til Miss Norway 2020 er avsluttet, og vi har nå satt igang påmelding til 2021. Vi har løpende uttak, og de som blir tatt ut får beskjed på e-post etter at finalen i 2020 er avholdt på sommeren.

Beste hilsener fra Helene Abildsnes, Miss Norway 2019

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