Answering questions about Survivors Network

Hi all lovely people!


Going to answer a few questions I have been asked about Survivors Network.

There will be a part two of this post in a few days since there were to many questions to fit at once. Stay Tuned!




The Survivors’ Network (SN) is a female led non-governmental and not-for profit organization, made up of survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery from the Middle Eastern countries.

SN has been working to combat human trafficking and modern day slavery, specifically focusing on young girls, women and children(vulnerable) in Sub-Saharan African countries, since 2015 when it was founded by Francisca Awah Mbuli, originally from Cameroon and herself a survivor of forced labor and sexual abuse. She has united more than 250 women whom she had helped to rescue from modern day slavery at the hands of their masters in Kuwait. These women became the earliest members of the Survivors’ Network.

 Here is a link to a video of Awah Mbuli telling her story (it is very emotional) and explaining how important it is to fix the issue of human trafficking. Recommend everyone watching it.


WHAT IS SN(what we do)?

 SN has played over the three Ps of combating Trafficking in Persons which includes,: PREVENTION, PRESECUTION and PROTECTION

Security Bureau - Special Topics - Trafficking in Persons

To come up with its’ three main objectives. As the United Nations Convention against transitional organized crime(The Palermo Protocol) described this as compelled service using a number of different terms such as, involuntary servitude, slavery, debt bondage, child labor, forced labor, sexual harassment.

Do SN work with helping children?

We do take care of the children of survivors of HT, especially children of those survivors who returned home pregnant, handicap, or with some other illnesses.


Thank you Survivors Network for all the amazing work you do! So grateful to work with such an amazing organization.

Doing everything in their power to stop, prevent, bring awareness and help victims of Human Trafficking.

Human Trafficking Prevention Month: Raising Awareness of a ...

It is still open to vote for me!

The finale is September 19th.

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A big hug from me <3


Ps: If you or anyone you know wants to collaborate, please feel free to contact.

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