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When I was back in Norway I had planned a lot that I would wanted to do since I only was home for a short period of time. It is important to me to contribute to the local society and give something back to things I care for. So I made a charity project at my old job. I am going to tell you about it now.

I have always told myself that, since I am lucky been born in Norway, with a body that functions completely and with all resources possible. I would use my position to help others and do what I could to give others as much as I could.

I few summers ago I started working on a home for kids and people with extra needs. It could be different chronical diseases such as ellipsis or Ceberal Parese, t could be autism or downs syndrome, or it could be a combination of more.  When I started to work here I had no experience in this field before. But what I did know was that I was good with people and care to work.

You might think people are different because they can not do exactly what most people can. Some see it as a handicap, some see it as a gift.  I will say it is a gift.  Because after working with and be with these amazing people for years, I have learned so much, much more than people most teach me. They are so happy for the small things, maybe just to be able to walk one day, to play one day, to have yoghurt for breakfast, if its warm they are able to go outside for the day. They appreciate the small things in life we often take for granted. This gives me so much happiness to see them happy for something so little.

However, they do have some disabilities that require some sort of treatment and this limits some of the things the could do. And in a society where we are so busy, I feel we sometimes forget about those who need the extra treatment. Most of the time is not because we do not care or not want but also because it can be hard to figure out what to do. Also, it could be hard to adjust certain activities to fit one persons need that are so different from others. However, at this home, more people come together so we can be different but same at the same place. Quite amazing, a little complicated, but absolutely possible.

I have learned so much about myself and people, working at this place. And I really wanted to do something back for them. First off, because they do not have so much activities offered, and second it will make them happy, and third: if they are happy, I am happy. It takes so little to do something extra.

Read about my charity TREASUREHUNT in the next blog post.


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