Resolutions And Me


It is almost the end of January; you have restarted the clock and started doing resolutions you have written down and you are trying to stay motivated in the process.

Resolutions like: getting a better job, start a fitness journey, make better decisions, make more money, and travel more, maybe? However, I feel like we all live in is this bubble, where we are ought to make new resolutions because it is a New Year.

The truth is, most of us will do the same thing we always do: set some goals that will be forgotten about by the end of January, or thereabouts. We’ve all been asked the question before, around the end of the year; “What are your resolutions for the coming year”. And if you say you don’t have any, you get the “are you kidding me” look. I’m starting to think people expect that now. It is great if you are one of those who does resolutions. But personally, I see “resolutions” as a change and I don’t believe that I or anyone else should wait for a “New Year” to make a change. I’m not here to discourage you about what you do as a person because we all have our reasons as to why we do anything for that matter. But have you asked yourself this question; Why is it that for all the motivation you have before the 1st January, you get more unproductive as the year goes on? Perhaps you are doing resolutions because of societal norms, or it is probably based on the expectations of others, or maybe because your heart isn't even in it. There is no point in setting resolutions you have been setting for years, only to end up feeling disappointed in yourself for not achieving them.

It can be difficult to stay motivated even when you've chosen one well-reasoned goal, and as we all know a New Year doesn’t make staying motivated any easier. Therefore, it is better to make specific goals that you feel you can achieve and goals that have concrete results, instead of making too many changes at once. 

The moment you start turning the search inwards and start truly understanding ‘’YOU’’, stop pilling pressure on yourself to undertake resolutions you won't be committed to, stop making empty promises (resolutions) to strangers, and have an open mind about life in general; you give yourself time to breathe- be present.

This year, let go of expectations from others for once while letting your intuition take the lead. Do things that feed your soul and things that make you want to wake up in the morning with a smile on your face, instead of making promises (resolutions) to strangers who don't care what happens to you in the next few months! That way, you attract the abundance of positive energy into your life.

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I wish you all a lovely week ahead! 

Winnie Tenne Cooper  

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