Super Deals at VIP Beauty Lounge- 20 % of massage!




Yesterday, I was back at my favoirte  beauty salon and supporters since I started my Miss Norway journey in Octobe. VIP Beauty Lounge in Sandefjord. They always take so good care of me, and are making sure I look flawless before all my photo shoots and events. I just adore these girls!

So, a new member joined the crew last week, Gry. She is specialized in massages and waxing, but do other treatments as well, such as eyebrow coloring, eyelash extension and facials. I was invited to come in and try one of her treatments, so I went for a full body massage: HOLY GUACOMOLY, it is one of the best feelings I have had in forever. My body felt amazing. I have been stressing and working a lot lately, so I had some mucles that needed to be tighten up. It is just a game changer.

I talked to the other girls at the salon too and they agree, this was dangerosuly good. It is a perfect treat for yourself or as a gift. I know for sure that I will come back for this. Since Gry is new at the salon is is now offering 20 % on all treatments until the end of July, so you should book ASAP if you want this, because the lists are filling up fast.


Also, VIP Beauty Lounge have just got in make-up from Make Up Store. I got this new lipgloss in red which I already love. I have been using a lot of nude lipgloss lately, so this is perfect for the summer to brighten it up a little. 


We will have a customer night next Thursday which we will introduce the new make-up, and we will have a make up artist come to do make up for us! I will also be there to talk about my projects. So we hope to see you all there! I will share all the info with you shortly!


REMEMBER 20 % Of on all massage and waxing treatments in July!


Sponset Innlegg


Have a lovely day!



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Happy 4th of July!


Good Morning!

Today is 4th of July, and the national day in America. As you may have noticed by now, America has been a big part of my life the past 5 years.  I have made memories and friends for life. 

Everybody hear about the "American Dream", and I must say it truly is. I guess it all depens on where you live, and I have been lucky to live 4,5 years in New York and half a year in LA. I wish all girls ( for sure girls), can get the oppertunity to at least experince a little bit of what I have. Moving to a new country for a while will give you a lot of life experince and growth.It could be to Spain, Sweden og The US. Even if its just for a month or two I think you will learn a lot. 

My mission have always been to be a role model for young girls, and I do belive that I got a lot of experince in my backpack from living abroad, that can help other girls reach their goals and dream. I have stories that could filled ten books or so, which I would love to share with others.

Life in New York has also been tough. I have worked my butt off, to be able to create a life for myself for the past years there. But it has all paid off. I wouldnt be without it.

Life in New York and the states have also given me a different position while competing in Miss Norway. At first I was a little nervous, since I spent a lot of time there these first months by moving here, but it turned out to be a blessing. I met so many people from different countires to work with throughout this year. I feel i have a #teambecca club in several countires now and I love it. To sum up some: I worked with phoograhers in La, New York, Norway, from countries such as Chile, Canada, India, Banglasdesh and the philipines. I have worked with people from: Ukarine, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, China and Sweden. Everybody enganged in my jouney in Miss Norway and as a person (I hope). 

I believe this is because of my way of working and interacting with people in a way that America taught me! America does things different in Norway in many ways, and as much as we can learn from them, they can learn from us too.

America will always have a special place in my heart and alway be home for me too. Today I will send all my love to my friends and family there. Thank you for beeing the best and cheering at me from 'MERICA. I miss you all and I will visit soon.


Happy 4th of July,

Love  Becca


Some Pictures from the past years in The US:







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Photo Shoot for Dryss in Asker!


Hello Everyone!

There is a lot of things going on lately, and as mention before I had two shoots this week for Dryss. 

I just got the pictures from the last one, which we did on Monday! And I am very very happy with the results. We also tried to make some inspiration pictures so I do hope you like it. 

Some of the pieces that I wear in the pictures is made of old indian tsaries, which I find very cool. I shows off how fashion can be re-used and redesigned and made into uniqe pictures.  These pieces only come in one of every style, but they have many different types. What I find cool is that you can find something at Dryss that nobody else would have. 

I am soon off to go trying the outfits at Dryss, for tomorrow's fashion show which I am very excited about! Larvik Torv tomorro at 17.00

Here are some of the pictures. ( I will add more to the album on my Facebook

page: https://www.facebook.com/rebeccamissnorway2018/

All photos are taken by: Raj Fylling.




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How to get perfect curls!


Everyone that know me, know that I do love to curl my hair. I always do for a special occasion (actually it really dont need to be a special occation either) I just love it regardless! Its been a things since I was little.

There are 3 things that’s important to me while curling my hair:

  1. A good curling iron. 
  2. Hold
  3. Volume.

To get curls that lasts you need a hood iron. There is no need to spend crazy amount of money on expensive equipments, you just need to find something that works for your hair. Ask your friends or your hairdresser and try differnt types to find something that works for your hair.

Hold is important so my big curls last all day long. I love to have my curls last for a couple days, and they would need to hold through rough weather, a work day and a work-out. 

The hairspray from Godwell Norway does exactly this for my curls. It last all day, and as well as over night. I spray through it one time after finishing my curls and it last! There is no need for retouch with spray - Unless there is very hot and humid outside, then I’ll recommend to spray through it another time. 

For volum: Brush through it after applying Godwell Hairspray. This will also give a more natural look. Do this a few times a day or every morning to refresh.


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My wishlist from SEVEN!


Hello guys!

I just got back from a photoshoot which was soooo good! I can not wait to share it with you guys. I love that warm summer weather is back (and are estimated to stay!) which means that we can dress up in lovely summer outfits way longer.

I have been planning some outfits for my upcoming events and trips, and I just have to share with you my wishlist from SEVEN. What I love is that when I go to find clothes here, everything fits me very well. the sizes are very good, which means that a M is M, a S is S, and I can basically get eveything in my size, and I know it will fit, the same is for my mom, which is a compeltely different figure and height than me (and we girls know this happen rarely!) After wearing the clothes for months now, I can tell that the quality is good too. The colors stays nice and so does the fabrics - you really get the worth of what you pay for in every piece.

Now, over to my new wishlist!



I got addicted to leo print lately, I feel like it is Leo time again!


I love this white shots which works as an alternative to the white summer pants. With this length it makes me feel more comfortable in many occaions!



I have been using my blue jeans skirt for a while, but this black one is perfect for a little more rock chick style. (Also with a knit for fall!)


I love to wear gold in any form of jewerly in the summer time. Gold and sun kisses skin? Can it be more pretty than that? Nope.




I think this top is great with some loose chinos or a lace shorts these days. When fall is approaching, I would love to mix it with a pair of leather pants.


For a bohemian look, or festivals, I think boots are great. I love th fact that it gives some edge and coolness to the outfits! I use my boots all year around. I think the cut here gives these ones some uniqe details. 


Just for everything. Love them.



Another set. I know. It is just my thing now a days. This is super cool!



Wish you all a lovely week!




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Swim Shoot in Drøbak!



Last Sunday I had a photoshoot with two of my favorite people. Daniel Milian and Joycline. We had planned a shoot since we wokred together on a shoot in January in Frogner Parken. You might remember the beautiful winter picture where I was wearing red and white, as well as the pink princess dress?

Well this time we changed the team completely and went for a full summer/swim look. I am in love with the make up Joycline gave me, it was something very different from my normally natural look, but I love it!

Here is some of the pictures. There is more in my album on Facebook. So take a

look! I am very happy with them!


Love R

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Påmelding for 2021

Påmelding til Miss Norway 2020 er avsluttet, og vi har nå satt igang påmelding til 2021. Vi har løpende uttak, og de som blir tatt ut får beskjed på e-post etter at finalen i 2020 er avholdt på sommeren.

Beste hilsener fra Helene Abildsnes, Miss Norway 2019

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