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Happy Tuesday !!

I hear that the summer has approached Norway and I am so excited to be back next week. The weather should stay like this.

Do you guys remember the Instagram competition I did a couples of months ago with my partner Dryss? Because of their launch of their online store. So I went online and the new items are absolutely stunning! I picked out my favorites for the summer, so take a look here:



Lately I have been obsessed with sets! I like that you can show of a statement outfit and be very different, as well as having the opportunity to combine the pieces separately in other looks. 




My closet looks like a rainbow if you opens it, and I do love that when summer come, I can put on my colors again. This years I got a thing for yellow, so these pants are perfect with summer tan skin! If you don't like to that bright you can choose a more discrete for example on a top.



Prints and florals are a big trend this season and it really takes your outfit to the next level. I love that it can work for either casual looks or in more dresses up settings.


Demin jackets are jackets you never can get enough of ( I have 5 different colors so I know)

I think this one is super cool, and this year i liked my demin jackets a little oversized.

If you are not on that denim jacket train, I do love this bomber inspired grey jacket, which really gives me some LA vibes.





I LOVE THESE PHONE CASES. I have been looking everywhere here in New York to find a cool case but I haven't found one. Then I saw these and I just love it. I am def coming for this next week Kathrine!



This super cute water bottle with gold details is on my WANT list.



I love have flip flops have been such a trend the past years, I see girls everywhere with them (Inc myself). Wearing them to work etc. This one with this rainbow colors is my favorite.


There is so much more online on www.dryss.no, and you should really take a look.

I am so excited to visit the store in Larvik again in a week or so.

Dryss is voting for me, and If you haven't already I would really appreciate your vote.

You can send: MISSU 6 to 1963.  (20kr)


Have a lovely Tuesday!








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Finding The Perfect Dress


So the finale is approaching, with only 2 short months left before the finale in Oslo july 28th, there is a lot of things to prepare. One of the things I am most excited about is to find the evening dress or gown. I think ever since I saw Miss Norway on TV as a little girl I just dreamed of wearing stunning dresses and looking like a princess. I can not believe that in 2 months I am actually going to be one of these girls walking the catwalk in a dress like this. 

I am trying to take advantage of being in New York now. ( I can not believe I only have 2 weeks left before I am going home!). So after being abroad and working with fashion in New York and LA the past years I have made a great amount of connections and contacts. So I have a great team of friends that would help me throughout the journey of Miss Norway, and in search of finding THE DRESS.

So last week I was able to visit several designers and showrooms and to try on beautiful gowns. It was amazing. I really felt like a princess. Can you imagine how I would feel all dressed up the big day.? This is something I feel all girls should experience and for me it really also gives me some sort of motivation to perform and do well. It is funny how correlated those things are- look good- feel good and do good.

I can not wait to show you what I will be wearing on July 28th! I will also let you know where you can buy tickets when that is announced. My best friends from New York and Germany is actually flying in to be here for the big day, which I am even more excited about.

So much fun happening these days. I am really enjoying summer time in New York now.

Talk soon,


(Husk at du kan stemme paa meg som folkets favoritt ved aa sende MISSU 6 til 1963, tjenesten koster 20 kr)







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The After Math - Kenya Moving Forward

Hello Everyone,

It has been about two and a half month since I got back from Kenya. However, do feel like I am there everyday. After a trip like this you really change as person and I have reflected upon that a lot lately.  Rebecca from before and after Kenya is a different person. And it is not just with materialistic things and things we owe, but its the way we act and behave has humans. Things that I would spend a great amount of time being sad and upset for is now just irrelevant. I see people with different eyes, and things that have happened in the past make a different sense to me know.

As well as you really see the people you used to surround yourself or do surround yourself with, differently. It have really given me a perspective on life in a different way. I wake up everyday now and try to see the world differently, but with a positive and loving way. If some of the people in Kenya, which have nothing can do it, we can do it. 

I get weekly updates with the girls and kids in Kenya and it warms my heart to see when things are getting done and another person are being taken care of or rescued. It shows that the work and effort we put in together actually helps. After coming back, I have spent a large amount of time of thinking what else we can do to improve and help out to do even more. I can not just leave it be with what it is. One of my sponsors this year, VIP Beauty Lounge  reached out to me, and besides being one of my biggest cheerleaders and supporters they are amazing human beings. Not only do they help me but they wanna be a part of the humanity projects I have been working on. So when I come home we will create a customer night where we will create a fundraising for Kenyan Kids. It is to me very beautiful how we can connect beauty and charity and create something even more beautiful. I am very excited about this. Both for myself, Kenyan Kids, Vip Beauty Lounge, as well as all the people that would attend our event!

Here are some pictures from Kenya! I do wanna go back so much. 




Husk at du kan stemme paa meg ennaa!

MISSU6 til 1963 (20kr)



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Shoot for SEVEN in LA


I am so lucky to have some amazing sponsors and partners. Together with SEVEN in Tonsberg we were able to create a super cool shoot at Venice Beach and by the Venice Canals to show some of the summer and spring clothes. I choose some of my favorites  and everything I wear you can buy online at Sevenfemales.net  ( I do really recommend you to go in and take a look)

I find it so amazing that a store in my hometown and myself are able to work and create this in the US, with a photographer from Canada and show this on an international market. Something every cool about globalization. 

Here is some of the pictures from the shoot. You have probably seen some of them in my previous posts! 

I do really dream about LA again and summer when I see this.

Somehow I could not upload all the pictures in the blog post, but you will find them other my folder SEVEN.

Lots of Love,


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Thank you so much #teambecca!


I am so happy to see that the effort that I putting in for votes is really paying off, the support and feedback from everybody both in Norway, here in the states, in Germany, Kenya and even Italy is meaning the world to me. Despite that my international friends can not vote, the support you show means everything to me. 

Also, my friends, family and people in Norway you guys rock! Only a 3 weeks and I will be back home with you all. I am super excited for everything we have planned to do together. 

This post is short, but I really needed to send out a BIG: THANK YOU. 

We have a couple of months left before the finale, let us keep it up this way.


Har du ennaa ikke stemt paa meg, kan du fremdeles gjoere det.

Send MISSU 6 til 1963, og du er paa #TEAMBECCA
Tjenesten koster 20 kr.

Photo: Brendon Minto

Kjole: Seven Tonsberg


Lots of Love 




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Amazing Headshot Shoot in New York

Hello All,

Finally I am back in New York after LA. It always feel so good to be here. I will really enjoy May here before heading for Norway this summer. A few weeks when I was here because of the event at NYU, I met so many amazing people and I got a whole styling team that wanna work with me, and we did a shoot to create some new head shoots. People stopped me at the street telling me I reminded them of Olivia Jordan. I don't know about that but I will take that as a compliment.

Here is some of my favorite shoots. I will load up more pictures to the album here on this page, as well as on my Facebook page and instagram.

Here is a link to the FB page:



Also: If you havent done it yet, I would love a vote from you. Send Missu 6 til 1963, tjenesten koster 20 kr!




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Påmelding for 2021

Påmelding til Miss Norway 2020 er avsluttet, og vi har nå satt igang påmelding til 2021. Vi har løpende uttak, og de som blir tatt ut får beskjed på e-post etter at finalen i 2020 er avholdt på sommeren.

Beste hilsener fra Helene Abildsnes, Miss Norway 2019

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