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Hello All!

There is only a month until the finale of Miss Norway 2018 and I can not believe how these months flew by so fast. 

I want to share with you two of the factors that have had a huge impact on my participation this year: Teamwork and Motivation. Bolt Communication and my other sponsors and team has been important for my success this year.
I will use “success” to describe my position in Miss Norway beacuse I feel like being on top on the activity points and voting shows some kind of success in the contest so far. I get a lot of questions on how/why and what to do. So i will say this success is affected by team work and motivation.

When I reached out to Bolt and my other sponsors about being a sponsor and partner this year, the answer was clear: YES. They wanted to support and be a part of my team. Since the day we crossed paths and joined a team together we have been working hard towards the same goal: be a lead, achive goals, to be role models and game changers. My sponsors wanted me to success in my projects in Kenya, with the kids in Norway, with being ambassador for Hear.speak.free to raise awarness for human trafficing, to start my own company etc. They have been my team the in whole process. Cecilie and the girls in Bolt have been sharing ideas with me, voting for me and sharing and like my blog posts and pictures! They have really been participnating activity and engaged in me and my projects. We have been discusisng my current status and further development. I have had a team believe in me and work with me. Seeing comapnies that works this way and are collaborating like Bolt have been with me, are giving me drive and motivation to do more. 

Motivation comes along with a good team. By having a strong team on my side that gives feedback is a key factor in success. We all have days when we are tired and less motivated, but by having a team that belives in you and motivate you, have given me the power to push myself to think bigger and work harder. They have made me get things done. 
When you wake up to a text from your team: «Me and my mom just voted for you! And I sent your blog to all my friends!» makes me really happy, and it gives me the guts and power to perform and do more! I will say all my sponsors have been really supporting and  I couldn’t be more thankful or grateful for an amazing team.

I feel blessed and beyond happy to have all these people working with me. We still have a month to go and we still have work to do and I am so ready!


If you want to do as Bolt and be my sponsor and partner, send an email to: Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den.

You can also vote for me by texting Missu6 to 1963 (20kr)

Follow my journey at IG: rebeccabjoerk


Have a lovely day!



Photo: Gonzalo P. V

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Festival Fashion Show with Dryss, July 5th!


Hola Amigos!

Ah, today has been such a productive and fun day! I went to meet with my favorite girls at Dryss in Larvik today, and we have some really cool events coming up soon so we planned for that.

First thing out is a FASHION SHOW with DRYSS.

It will take place: Larvik Sentrum/ Torvet kl 17.00 July 5th.

We will start to get hair and make up done at 15, by the local hairdresser, so everyone is invited to come take a look at the styling process to.

Since it festival fever in Larvik in two weeks, we will show a lot of cool festival looks and inspiration. Dryss and I will show many cool looks, but a lot of the stores in Larvik will be a part of the shows, so it will be something that everbody would like. I can not wait to walk the catwalk! This will be an amazing practice for the finale in Miss Norway July 28th!

I hope to see many of you there! It will be a lot of good deals in Dryss as well July 5th. This will be fun!

Torsdag, kl 17.00 på torvet i Larvik.

 Love, R


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Reach for the stars!


Always reach for the stars and follow your dreams- that is something I live by. And Miss Norway is a part of that for me. It’s been a dream of mine since I was a little girl, and in about a month I am about to be on stage as one of the finalists of 2018.

I have always been dreaming big and work towards my goals. It doesnt come easily. But it’s possible to make things happen if you plan and work for it. Looking back on this year I’ve been in Kenya, started a rescue center, I have held a speech at NYU, I have been travelling and connecting with new people, I have been doing many photo shoots, and the only reason why all this happend is big dreams and hard work. I always tried to reach for the stars when I have an idea, because if I only get half way there it’s probably still pretty far if the stars was the goal in first place?

On Monday I really had the chance to reach for the stars- for real. My neighbor is a pilot and fly mini aircrafts. I went one time with my dad, him and my brother when I was 8, but I haven’t done it since. 

As the adrenaline junkie as I am, I figured it was time for some action and fun and I asked my dad if we could go flying like we did when I was little. We could! 

Monday arrived and I was so excited! It’s such a different feeling flying this little aircraft which barley fits 3 people.

It was such an amazing view and I had such a good time! I was even flying a little (my dad was a little nervous at that point lol). It was also so nice have some quality time with my dad! Its the best. Even tho its more a methaphor «reaching for the stars» it gives a new motivation and energy to actually do it. Besides being an amazing experince its also gives a satisfying feeling of achivement. 

I had an amazing day with my dad, and I will remember this day forever.

Have a lovely weekend.


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Glowing Skin - Renu28 Asea Europe


For the post days I have been trying the Renu28 Retox gel from Asea. The cream has giving my skin a lovely glow. I have used it in two ways:


  1. To make my skin in the face tight and glowing. I love to put it on as a base in the morning before make up or any day cream. Or tonight after cleaning my face, as a repairing mask.


  1. I have been use it on my feet after a long day at work or in heels . Which really soften and relaxing the mucles because of the cooling effect. I have been working out a lot lately and practicing catwalk as well, so this is help out a lot.

I am very happy with Renu 28, and its been a must have product to my beauty collection!



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Norwegian Viking?



Okay, maybe not a viking but close enough! Growing up in Larvik on the country side, close to the sea, its something that really brings out the viking in me. I just love to take advantage of the beautiful nature during summer time. 

Today I asked two of my friend to go for a little Sunday hike! (Which is also an amazing work out- which is highly priotized these days!). So we packed a bag with coffee and oat waffels and enjoyed the sun as much as we could!

But the weather was amazing and so was the view over the sea. The ocean was perfect today!  This just made us go for a boat trip,  to fish! I have been driving boats alone since I was 12 years old, and I have just been dying to get out again. 

Me and my 2 girls had some amazing 3 hours out with the boat, tanning, listing to music and fishing. And we got a lot of fish - I counted 15!

It was funny seeing all the boats passing by seeing 3 blondines fishing like they were old sailors, but this is something we grew up with. Im so happy and thankful I grew up in Larvik with all these amazing things around and that I was taught How to take advantage of it.

For me it is therapy to be in such envoirment, with peace and happiness and good friends. My family was very happy that I had catched dinner for tonight. I also prepared and made the fish for them, which I think there  is such a beauty too! I think this shows off a little Viking in me. And for those who Dosent know: Kaupang, one of the oldest Viking cities of all time, is about a 10 min drive from where I live. Which probably indicates some viking genetics in my body.


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How to do a pull-through braid in 6 minutes - with Goldwell Hairspray!!



I got a lot of feedback on my Elsa costume from my event at the hospital, which was amazing. 

I got a lot of questions about the braid and how to do it. And I was so lucky to get my friend which is a hairdresser to do it. It is also a little easier when someone does it, but you can for do it yourself. 

The key thing to hold, is a good hairspray, so I used the one from Goldwell!

If you don't have anyone that can make this brai on you, I wil show you a link to a youtube video you can learn from. I used this one the last time I did this braid. It shows you in 6 min how to do it. And if I was able to do it, you can do it!



 Here are some pictures of my braid:

We used a lot of hairspray, and I had my braid in from 11 in the morning to 11 at night and it was still gorgouse.


Tips: We made it extra big by making volum in every twist of the braid by tease it then spray it in every section of the braid. It also gives it a more natural and romantic look too it!


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Påmelding for 2021

Påmelding til Miss Norway 2020 er avsluttet, og vi har nå satt igang påmelding til 2021. Vi har løpende uttak, og de som blir tatt ut får beskjed på e-post etter at finalen i 2020 er avholdt på sommeren.

Beste hilsener fra Helene Abildsnes, Miss Norway 2019

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