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Good Morning Everyone!


I had a very interesting and excited morning. Last week I was invited to come talk about my position as a finalist in Miss Norway on Dappr TV. 

Dappr is a style community, which focus on branding and shows us how style can help you stand out, and show off your personality. Style is an important part of appaerence and is closely correlated with personality, how you style your self says a lot about you as a person in many cases.

Being a participant in Miss Norway, they wanted to hear how my style and passion for fashion and beauty actually also affects the service work I do in the competition. 

See the interview in the link here:


Photo: Brendan Minto

Dress: Hiro Wrap Dress from Seven Toensberg.





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A Better Environment, Rescuing Animals and Healthier Body!


I am going to share with you an experiment that I have been going on since in the middle of Christmas. I said I wanted my new year's resolutions to start early, and guess what they lasted.

About a year ago was the first time I stopped eating meat for a while. I did it for several reasons: 

1. The protection of animal life.

2. Environmental reasons.

3.Health Benefits.

These are the most common reasons people are deciding to become vegetarian for. I did it as an attempt the first time to see if it really felt better and it did. Wonder why I didn't keep going?

However, since mid-December, I have been a pescetarian. And it feels great. The body felt better and my mind felt better. I haven't missed either chicken or meat at all. When I moved to LA I heard everybody say "Oh my, you are going to be vegan now" - guess what: After a month in LA, I did.  Moreover, this was something different. The effects on my body and mind were and are significantly better than just being a pescetarian. 

The reason why I write this now is that I do want to kill all negative attitude towards the people that choose this way of living. Also, I do not judge the people that choose not to, but I want to share the benefits and effects of a vegetarian diet. Also, by limiting the meat and animal consumption you can actually help the environment a lot. Let us break it down to the 3 bullet point above.


First off, I am an animal lover, and I do see a life of an animal as important as ours. Back in time, people needed to eat meat to feed themselves because it was the only option, nowadays we do have a choice.  Here is a list with numbers of animals saved every year by a vegetarian (based on the average persons eating habits)


Animals today is also injected with a lot of antibiotics and medications to grow faster and bigger and produce more - and this gets into our bodies by eating their meat. 



The production of animal products, animal agriculture produces more greenhouse gases than all cars, trains, plans and other forms of transportation combined! Isn't this crazy? Global warming is one of the biggest issues the planet are facing these days, and politicians are mainly focusing on pollution from transportation etc, when we actually limit this by minimizing animal agriculture productions. This is something that really opened my eyes to change my eating habits.

There is a lot of articles on this online (I could probably write a book on this topic) but I will recommend by start reading this:




After I became Vegetarian/Vegan, I have had a significant effect on my body. My skin is glowing, my body rests better, my digestion is better, I never have a headache, I have more energy and I just feel better. I take better choices and mentally I feel way better.


This was just a tiny tip of the iceberg of everything I could write, discuss and show this topic because there is plenty. I will come back to more. (On my insta I post about this too). I understand it might seem difficult and hard and impossible. And I am not saying that you will need to stop completely to eat meat if you are a meat lover. But you can adjust it, and you can choose better options. The first thing you should do is to read you up on the subject and all the benefits of being vegetarian or even vegan based on my categories above. 

Here are some tips I also have done:

- Find some good reasons for yourself (what is important to you?)

- Have a meat-free day or two every week to start with.

- Start to get rid of red meat.

- Read articles or watch documentaries. 

- Substitute dairy products for non-diary products (soy, almond milk,)

- Try some simple recipes.

-Ask vegetarian friends about tips.


It is way easier than you think! I would love to help anyone that wants some advice to get on the right track!


Have a lovely day!!


Love, R


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The Importance of My Sponsors

Hello everyone, 

This post is going to be mostly in Norwegian. I have been lucky to get a lot of great sponsorships with me, and for me it has had an huge impact of what I have achieved. I have been moving cross continents, starting a rescue center in Kenya, and worked on several other projects. I have been flying in to have a speech at NYU and I have been working globally with companies in Norway. Bolt communication have been one of them, and they posted a FB post about the importance of engagement and collaborations with me, which I really want to share with you.

Since I was able to get Bolt on my team, and as well as my other sponsors. Dryss, Seven, Ula Marina and Vip Beauty Lounge, we have been able to create amazing projects. I use we, because this is not about only me anymore, but it is me and me team, it is us. Because without the sponsors and without the people supporting, I would never have come this far. (And we are still working to go longer!) They do so much for me all of them, and I could not be here without any of them today! 

Here is what Bolt Communication wrote:


"Er engasjement vanskelig å definere?

I fjor høst ble Bolt Communication kontaktet av Rebecca Bjørk fra Ula i Larvik. Hun fortalte at hun var med i Miss Norway 2018 og at hennes mål var og fortsatt er å bli Miss Norway 2018, men at for å komme dit ville det kreve mye hardt arbeid. Planen hennes viste både veldedighetsarbeid i Kenya, eldreomsorg i Larvik og arbeid for vanskeligstilte i Sandefjord. Hun jobber også med et prosjekt ved kreftavdelingen på Rikshospitalet i Oslo. For å få gjennomført de ulike prosjektene var Rebecca avhengig av sponsorer, og vi i Bolt Communication ble spurt om vi kunne tenke oss å være en av dem. Etter å ha snakket mye med Rebecca sa vi JA til å sponse henne og hennes arbeid.

Fire av fem markedsførere bruker «engasjement» som et måleparameter for å vise til suksess og mer spesifikt måle avkastning på en kampanje, en ny profil eller lignende. Men hva menes egentlig med «engasjement?». Som designbyrå møter vi begrepet fra kunder som ønsker at den nye profilen skal engasjere. «Vi må skape engasjement», hører vi ofte. Og vi svarer at «Ja klart vi må skape engasjement». Men hva legger vi egentlig i det? Er det antall «likes» i sosiale medier, er det antall nyhetsbrev som har blitt åpnet, er det antall produkter solgt eller er det å jobbe for en spesiell sak du brenner for?

Vi har hatt gleden av å følge Rebecca i et halvt år og ser nå resultater av arbeidet hun gjør. At hun før jul ble nominert på listen over de 10 beste kandidatene var stas, og ekstra gledelig er det at hun nå ligger på toppen av listen. Hennes motivasjon er inspirerende og hennes engasjement sprer seg lett videre.

Dersom du har lyst til å lese om Rebeccas arbeid så kan du gå inn på bloggen hennes: 

Dersom dette engasjerer deg… så stem gjerne på Rebecca http://www.missnorway.org/ Det fortjener hun!  "





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Summer Vibes

Hey Guys!

I must say I have been super happy to spend some of the coldest months of the year, at least in Norway and New York, in LA.  I can not wait to go back now and really focus on the gym, work out and a healty routine for the next weeks. Which is a super important part of my life, as well as an important part of being a Miss Norway finalist.

A few weeks ago I had an amazing shoot in LA to create some summer vibe content. Doesn't this make you dream about summer sun and flowers? At least it does for me! 

Take a look! 

Love, R

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Breaking News!

Hello Hello,

So my trip to NYC which happened because of my speech at NYU with hear.speak.free turned out to be a little longer than expected. 

After the event I was able to connect and meet with so many amazing people. It was very inspiring. So I met a lot of cool people that wanted to engage in my projects and believed in me for Miss Norway. So before I had the chance to fly back to LA. I had several events, Photo shoots and meetings set up! I could not make the flight back, Ops!

With only a month and a half left before Norway is a head I made the decision to move back to NYC and follow up all work and oppertunities here. I have missed the city so much, but most of all my friends here. New York is just home for me. I do love LA and all the people I have met. I am for sure not done with LA. I needed to go to LA when I did and it gave me exactly what i needed. 

I will go back to LA for two weeks tomorrow to finish up work and projects there and head over, cross the country, to spend May in NYC.

Sometimes I think you just have to follow your instincts and faith and just take the oppertunities when they are given to you!

Here is a photo from the shoot I did Sunday.

Photo by: Marlon Corvera

Love, R

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New Arrivals = New Favorites! SEVEN Tønsberg!


Hello everyone ????


I have spent the last days in New York having some incredible shoots etc. So much fun. Spring is approching here, as well as in Norway! Spring is really one of my favorite seasons (even tho I must admit I like them all). And new seasons = new fashion arrivals! 


SEVEN in Tønsberg get new amazing pieces every week! And i would love to share my new favorites with you! Also so excited to receive my package that I ordered and i know will arrive with me super soon. Get all the items here:  www.sevenfemales.net 




What I do love about the warmer season is that you finally can leave the house only wearing a t-shirt or a single top. I love to have different colors and looks, and I use it to everything! 



We can never get enough tops can we? If I want a more dresses up look, these tops are super cute! I love to combine them with white pants or jeans.



I love when you can get a whole look like you do with a dress, but using two pieces! But then again you can use each piece in combinations with other looks. This will really make you stand out. I am obsessed with the blue set.





This looks like a dress but is actually a t-shirt and a skirt, which makes a perfect combination. They are also perfect to wear a part from each other.






So exited for spring and summer!

Also voting for Miss Norway have started. If you want to give me your vote I would be so happy.

Then you can text MISSU 6 to 1963, (does only work for Norwegian numbers though)


Have a lovely day!


Love, R






I really need to change my phone case, and I came over this super cool floral prited cover. It looks super exclusive, and I think it is uniqe, cool to have something different than everybody else. A MUST HAVE.



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Påmelding for 2021

Påmelding til Miss Norway 2020 er avsluttet, og vi har nå satt igang påmelding til 2021. Vi har løpende uttak, og de som blir tatt ut får beskjed på e-post etter at finalen i 2020 er avholdt på sommeren.

Beste hilsener fra Helene Abildsnes, Miss Norway 2019

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