Perfect hair with Goldwell


Hello everyone!

I want to share with you some of the products I have been using the past weeks. 

Goldwell Norway is one of the sponsors of Miss Norway this year, and we got some great products from them. I received mine at the beauty camp since I have been in the states until then.

They customized our products based on our hairtypes, so before we got them we analyzed our hair to get the products that fits us the best. Not all products is good for all people so they made a really good job finding what's best for you.

I have been travelling a lot this year and by living in different envoirnment, my hair adjust after the climate. So it is important for me to try out products for some time to see if it actually have benefital effects.

My hair is very straight and heavy so it can look a little flat sometimes, so I wished for products that would give my hair some voulme. I also wanted shine and glow.

I have been using the products for 2 weeks now and I am very happy with the result! 

I had a photo shoot with Gonzalo Patricio Valderrama in Botaniks Hage last week.

So here are some of the photos:


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When fairytales come true!


Hey Hey!

Tuesday was such a great night! One of my best in a while. I had planned a Frozen event at Rikshospitalet i Oslo, Where Elsa was supposed to visit all the children’s depsrtments there.

There are several reasons why we did so. (I planned this with Anders, the event coordinator for the kids there). After working with kids for years, and in many cases disabled and sick kids, I know the importance of making a hard day and a Sad day a better day. These kids are going through a lot more than we most likely would ever experince in our life, and their life might be way more limited than a normal kids life. However, kids are kids and they deserve to feel like kids. Also, these kids deserve some special treatment because sometimes we dont know if they will make it to the next day.

About a year ago, I saw a Facebook video where 2 College girls had dressed up as Disney princesses and visited childrens hospitals. It was a big hit! For these kids it was a dream come true. A real Disney princess come to see them. This made the day for many of these kids and it made them belive in their dreams and it gave them hope. Sometimes in situations these kids experinces, you need that hope and positive energy. It can actually help imporve your health. It is actually scientifically proved that positivity and happiness  can affect your Health.

I wanted to bring this idea back from the states to Norway. I am a big fan of Disney and the princesses myself and since I have been doing theater for years I thought this would be perfect. 5 months later and some email back and forth, we were ready to create some Magic in Oslo. 

It was such a success. The prices of the faces of the kids is worth more than everything I owe. To see such excitement and happiness by doing this for them is priceless.

I met this boy in a wheel chair which had been waiting an hour to meet me, refusing to do anything else than see Elsa. Even the doctor had to wait. He couldnt be happier when we came. I experinced this several times - so can you imagine how I felt?

Doing something fairly simple in my eyes and getting all this in return is amazing. I will for sure come back soon and I hope we can go togheter as a crew next time to bring more happiness to these kids.


(I would not share any photos of the kids because of privacy reasons)


Thank you to Rikshopitalet for the coorporation and for cheering at me in Miss Norway 2018!

If you want to be a part of team becca and work with me send me an email at Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den.

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Have a lovely weekend!


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Radio NRK Vestfold


It was an early morning for me today, because at 7.50 I had a Radio interview with NRK Vestfold. They called me a few days ago and really wanted me in their program. They have been folloeing my journey since January and are very excited about my participation in Miss Norway 2018. 

We talked about my journey in Miss Norway so far, my charity projects in Kenya and my speech at NYU, expectiations around the finale and feedback from people. It was super fun! 

Here is a link to where the interview will be posted later on:



If you wanted to vote for me and follow my journey as NRK does. Send a text with Missu 6 to 1963 (20kr)

I am also looking for sponsors and parters, so if you are interested email me at: Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den.


Have a lovely Thursday.



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Hello Oslo - Hello Elsa - Rikshospitalet


Good Morning!

I woke up super early today because I have a lot to prepare for todays event. I have been planning an event with Rikshospitalet (One of the main hospitales in Norway) since January. 

As mention in men previous blog post, people is something that always been something I care about. I really do want people to feel and have their best life. I guess this is something that I have after my mom. Unfortunatly, all people are not able to live their best life or live a normal life beacause of injuries, illness or accidents, some may also be born in a way that makes life harder. 

Throughout my earlier work and experinces with life, I really have found a passion in helping people and make them feel special. Sometimes you just have to do the best out of the situation. After working with disabled kids this is really soemthing that have touched my heart. 

So today, together with Rikshospitalet, we are going to make the kids at the hospital feel very special today. They are gonna get a visit from Elsa from Frozen.  I have heard that they are very excited, so am I. I feel happy that I have been practicing teatre for years now. I am going to get my hair braided now, and then drive to Oslo. I will keep you posted and then we will :Let it go!

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Today was such an interesting day! Institutions and people have always interested me a lot. I love to analyze and understand people. And I find it very interesting to understand or learn about different groups in the society. I also think it’s very important to learn and understand the people in different parts of the society, because It gives you a deeper understanding of how people do what they do and why certain things happen. I have for years, been working in nursing institutions with a lot of mental and disordered behavior, and that have given me a very opposite impression of both institutions, people and governmental systems. I think this type of work have great positive impact on my life and me as a person. Because I have been able to understand and learn about people in away, which most people would never do. It gives you answer to way things are done one way or another.

We tend to make up our minds and judge people or situations without knowing exactly what’s going on. It’s very normal and I do too. In many cases we base our believes in statements and word of moth by people and some lose facts, so the story we have can be completely right, completely wrong or 50:50 of each. 


When my friend which is a prison guard in one of Norway’s High security prisons invited us to come for a tour. We had to go. I was both excited and nervous because. The word prison is a bit scary.  I had made my mind up on how I think a prison in Norway works, my friend had another idea and newspaper says something else. We had to go to see it ourselves. We could of course not meet or see any prisoners because of security reasons, but the guards could tell us everything we wanted to know.


I think its important to know how a Prison actually work and look as Well as underatsnding the minds to some of the people behind the wall. Why do they Get there? How? What did they do? What’s the most common reason? How old are they? Etc. I had so many questions.


Rumors have said that Norwegian prisons are like hotels. Well, its not. I would never wish to come there, its not a nice place or a place you want to come. Trust me- We were able to try all the cells. However Norwegian prisons treat people as human compared to certain international prison as and Norway is trying to integrate the prisoners back to a better life after, for everybody’s best. No one wants more crimes, more criminals or more money spent on criminals. Norway’s way of dealing with this is way more economic and human than in many other countries I believe. But trust me it’s not a hotel and it’s uncomfortable and scary.


I have so many impressions and I’m so thankful that I gained all this knowledge. It’s interesting to me to hear and understand a world that’s completely unlike mine. I wish more people had the chance to experience what we did today - to understand more of how a prison works from all perspectives: the prisoners, the guards, the cops, the system and the average Norwgian’s point of view.


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Photo shoot, upcoming events and a store visit - DRYSS


Happy Saturday!

What a wonderful and intresting week this has been. I am super happy to finally spend  some time home with my friends and family. I have longed for some quality time with them all. Also I have been meeting my sponsors and partners, and this Thursday I was at Dryss in Larvik to meet the girls and visit the store. It was so much fun and really good. Kathrine, which is the owner, and I sat down to plan some events that we are going to do this summer. It is going to be so cool so I can't wait for that. We also planned for a photoshoot. 

In the store there is so many cool pieces. I think Dryss really have changed the fashion image in Larvik the past years. After growing up here, we need a store like this which offer unique but afforadable fashion for girls and women. I personally fell in love with the clothes from Sissel Edelboe which is everything from kimonos too dresses and blouses made of old indian saries. It was so cool.

We created some contet for their social media, which I will be using as well. I will also be more involved on their social media which I am very excited about. Here is some pictures from our mini-shoot. '

All the clothes, shoes, and accesories can you buy at Dryss in Larvik sentrum, or at www.dryss.no


This look is perfect for festivals this summer!


Casual Cool

The Jumpsuit: Perfect dressed down for a day in town or with heels for a summer party!

The Summer Dress


THE BASICS: T-shirt and water bottle.

SISSEL EDELBOE, this top is from my favorite designer at Dryss.

Have a lovely Sunday!


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Påmelding for 2021

Påmelding til Miss Norway 2020 er avsluttet, og vi har nå satt igang påmelding til 2021. Vi har løpende uttak, og de som blir tatt ut får beskjed på e-post etter at finalen i 2020 er avholdt på sommeren.

Beste hilsener fra Helene Abildsnes, Miss Norway 2019

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