From the city of dreams to the city of angles.

 It is time for an update.  For the past 4.5 and half year with a little bit of Norway in between, I have been living, studying and working in New York.  There is no place like New York, I absolutely love it. I love my people there, I love the culture and I love the places. It was my dream to come here and it all been a dream. I have had several fairytale moments, which I never could dream of. I experienced meeting amazing people, find love and travel.

However life in New York, is always a lot of work, moving and stress. I got a job offer in LA, and I felt it was time to take that chance and do something different. Miss Norway takes a lot of time and work for me, and I love it. And I feel LA would give me inspiration to focus on health, and more time to plan. Also new inspiration. So on Wednesday I packed my bag, and I went over here. I am excited to see what LA brings and how life here is. As well as to get focus on my projects and routines to be the best version of myself!

I have never been more scared. But what is life without taking chances? I know I would have regretted not going. However I will be back in New York, in a few weeks. New York is still home! Let's give LA a try for now.


Love from LA.



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