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 I decided to go to Kenya this year to make a change for people. A lot have happened the past months. It’s just started with an idea I had, and I am so excited that this is actually happening. I wanted to used my position as a independent Norwegian girl to gives something to girls that have nothing.

The reason why I decided Kenya is many:

  1. You need less resources to make big changes.
  2. Girls and (people in general) need more help because of the circumstances.
  3. This is girls and kids on my age and below.
  4. We can create a change by connecting continents and people.

After I decided to go, we created a group that would wanna go too, and now it’s people from several places in Europe going. (England, France etc) I came in contact with Julie that have started a home for girls that have noting, down there and I would like to share her story with you, and why I decided to go there to help exactly them

In 2010, Julie had the opportunity to visit Kisumu in Kenya with a charity that rehabilitates street boys. Whilst attending a community meeting on one of the rubbish tips, handing out bread and tea to the hungry and homeless, a small, urine-soaked, child climbed onto her knee and proceeded to fall asleep. This became a pivotal moment for her. ‘As the sleeping child lay in my arms, I looked down at her, the rags she was wearing, the absence of footwear, no underwear yet trusting enough to fall asleep on a mzungu’s lap. Too weak from hunger to even take tea, it was precisely at that moment I knew I had to do something to help these children.’
Fundraising for Julie’s first project was centred on keeping little ones, like Mercy, out of harm’s way, providing an environment where they would be safe, be fed and begin to receive an education. Building the nursery school took two years. In March 2014, there were 50 children enrolled across three classes’
Then the idea for a second project began to germinate - this time centred on adolescent girls.’For the majority of women Julie meets on her frequent trips to Kenya, such a poverty-stricken existence means that prostitution is the only way the women (whether married or otherwise) can take care of their families. What is worse is, that by the age of 11 or 12 years, those girls just entering puberty are also encouraged to use their ‘ATM’ so they can put food on the table too.
‘But the problem is too big and you can never make a difference.’
Meant as a snub, Julie will always tell you this statement makes her smile. She knows, through the belief of her supporters, 120 children are now in education who previously wouldn’t have been and ten girls, all picked from an environment where they were at risk of early marriage, female circumcision or sexual abuse are now safe and no longer considered at risk.Each of Julie’s girls has her own heart-rending story.
‘If you take me to school … then I will buy you a packet of sugar.’
During one visit, Julie took a phone call asking if she would help a 9-year-old girl whose mother had purposefully and cruelly burnt her. With no place available for the child through social services and no burns specialist in the local hospital, Julie sat holding the child through five days of treatment and dressing changes. With no access to pain relief, traumatising as it was, at the end of one hospital appointment, little Millie said, ‘If I heal … and if you take me to school … then I will buy you a packet of sugar.’
In a country where law enforcement can be so negligent, the youngest child, aged seven, endured rape twice before Julie heard about it and was able to give the child the necessary protection.  The good news is that the vicious circle of abuse has now been broken. 
Without exception, all the children Julie meets want education more than anything else.  They don’t ask for food or clothes, simply to be allowed to go to school.
It’s a courageous person who takes on the responsibility of these girls up until the point they reach financial independence. School fees need to be found; food, clothing, rent, water and sometimes medication but with no administration costs, Julie is proud to say she knows exactly where each donated euro is spent.‘At the end of the day, it’s all about relationships and trust.’


I will post an actual agenda for the trips this week, as well as starting a fund raising. If anyone bay any chance wants to contribute, please reach out!


Adding a picture here of one of the girls that received a pair of shoes from the local church a few weeks ago, have you seen such happiness for a pair of shoes?



Lots of love,


From the city of dreams to the city of angles.
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