We Are Changing The Game

As most people know, March 8, has been dedicated to women over the years. International Women’s Day is a time to reflect on progress made, to call for change in this male-dominated society and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by women.

Now-, let me share with you some of the ‘’minor’’ things that women go through daily. Things you don’t hear about often.

For instance; a guy got angry at me some time ago, because I told him that my hair should not be touched without him first asking. He said; ‘’it is just hair I don't care.’’ On a different occasion, another guy walked up to me while I was sitting with friends, he took my hand kissed it, put his hand in my hair and walked away.

Some men invade the privacy of women daily, on grounds that the manner in which the female chooses to dance or dress is ‘’asking for it.’’ Is there an unwritten rule that something has to be given in return for a drink that was offered to a woman? 

How does a lady reply to unwanted compliment like; ‘’You are fine, you look exotic?’’ It is said that even mentioning that you are in a relationship or just be nice and reply back with a ‘’hi’’ gives some men more reasons to be predators. However today we celebrate all the times' women have stood up to men like these. 

With all of that women encounter daily, women are still changing the game without a doubt. In regards to being more involved in politics, sports, breaking stereotypes, letting our voices be heard about issues that affect us and so on. As a result, women are being seen and heard. Things are starting to shift for women globally! That is why we celebrate today.  

As today comes to an end, let us women remember to continue to talk about the ‘’minor things’’ as we do ''equal rights.'' The next woman isn’t a competition, and there is power in unity. Don't EVER stay quiet. Your voice is your weapon, USE IT!

Happy International Women Day sistas!! #BalanceForBetter 


Photos: Jørgen Kvam

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